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Intelligent, accurate hyphenation


Hyphenation that predicts word-breaks without lists

Hyphenation is one of the more complex linguistic processes to execute in text-editing and composition applications. Writing custom rules for each new word in a language is a laborious process. Proximity Technology's intelligent hyphenation code can identify the logical position for word-breaks, even in new words.

Proximity Technology Hyphen software achieves high word-break accuracy, regardless of language. We have 100% accuracy for the entire college-level vocabulary in our spelling databases. When new words are encountered, our code automatically applies statistical modeling to predict correct word-break rules with better than 99% accuracy.

In addition to the best-of-class hyphenation code, Proximity Technology monitors the latest rulings and reforms for hyphenation from government and industry standard-setting organizations. We ensure that our customers and their end-users are working with the latest hyphenation rules, regardless of language or application.

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Product Benefits

  • Accuracy - Our code is distinguished by sophisticated algorithms for hyphenation accuracy using statistical analysis methods.
  • Rule Sophistication - The Proximity Technology Hyphen code supports the complex hyphenation rules that are related to unique word properties and punctuation.
  • Language Specific - Proximity Technology Hyphen code makes required spelling changes in complex languages such as Dutch and Hungarian in conjunction with hyphenation.
  • Speed - Proximity Technology Hyphen code is extremely fast for accurate hyphenation. The only speed limit is your own GUI implementation.
  • Memory Size - Our code is highly compact and efficient, refined by decades of improvements.
  • API Integration - The Proximity Technology Hyphen API is flexible and easy to integrate, with standardized C libraries that easily adapt to many programming architectures.
  • Deployment - Our code supports desktop applications, enterprise systems, and web-based services of all kinds.
  • Portable to virtually all coding languages.
  • Compatibility - Updates are fully backward-compatible with previous Proximity Technology data files and rules. This ensures a smooth update process for your users as languages and vocabularies evolve.
Proximity Technology offers hyphenation for 33 languages with more on the way, to help your software products enter new international growth markets.
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