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Accurate, ultra-fast spell correction


Help your users avoid distracting spelling errors.

Spell correction in your applications should be transparent, fast, and accurate. Proximity Technology has led the linguistic software industry for more than 30 years with code and resources that meet all of these requirements.

Our technology is the power behind many of the leading content-authoring and composition tools in the market today.

Implementing a spell-correction system is much more than just great code. Languages are living things, constantly changing and being reformed by government and academic organizations - and it can be difficult to keep track of these changes. Choosing a best-of-class spell-correction solution means selecting a vendor that provides updates and backward compatibility, as Proximity Technology does.

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Product Benefits

  • Accuracy - Our code offers superb spell correction in all supported languages, with both typographic and phonetic correction algorithms, which improve accuracy dramatically.
  • Rich Wordlists - Language resources and rules are authored as XML objects with tags identifying unique word properties, including language-reform versions, and specialized terminologies for different industries.
  • Speed - Proximity Technology Spell Correction code is extremely fast, for accurate spell correction. The only speed limit is your own GUI implementation.
  • Memory Size - Our code is highly compact and efficient, refined by decades of improvements.
  • API Integration - Proximity Technology Spell Correction API is flexible and easy to integrate, with standardized C libraries that easily adapt to many programming architectures.
  • Deployment - Our code supports desktop applications, enterprise systems, and web-based services of all kinds. It is portable to virtually all coding languages.
  • Compatibility - Updates are fully backward-compatible with previous Proximity Technology data files and rules. This ensures a smooth update process for your users as languages and vocabularies evolve.
Proximity Technology offers
spell correction for 36 languages
with more on the way, to help your
software products enter new international growth markets.
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