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A Thesaurus with connections


Proximity Technology Thesaurus is the power behind words.

The Proximity Technology international thesauruses provide the advanced tools for users to prepare effective cross-cultural communications and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Give your users access to a breadth and precision of vocabulary with the synonyms, antonyms, and lexically related words of the 12 Proximity Technology thesauruses.

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Product Benefits

  • The Proximity Technology American English thesaurus offers meaning cores and grammatical parts of speech (noun, verb, etc). A meaning core is a brief statement which summarizes a particular usage of an entry word and illustrates its relationship to associated words. Synonyms and other words are returned specifically for a selected meaning core.
  • The other Proximity Technology thesauruses provide responses grouped by meaning. In addition, fully indexed synonym lists mean more useful returns for your users.
  • Inflection is the altering of a base word, e.g., a noun becoming pluralized or a verb changing tense. Unlike other thesauruses, which refer the user only to the base word's synonyms, the Proximity Technology English thesauruses inflect the synonyms so that the user can replace the word in the correct form.
  • For example, the past tense of the word "entwine" is "entwined". The Proximity Technology thesaurus gives the user the inflected (past tense) forms of the synonyms: e.g., "wound," "coiled," etc. By inflecting the words, the thesaurus saves the user time and embarrassing grammatical errors.
Proximity Technology offers
thesaurus software for 12 languages
with more on the way, to help your
software products enter new
international growth markets.
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