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Modular word translation technology


Instant translation of words across many languages

Proximity Technology Translation allows users to translate words instantly from one language to another.

Our code is easily integrated into text editing fields so that selected words can be translated directly in the editing process, or in many other UI conditions in which users can select a word.

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Product Benefits

  • Accuracy - Our code offers fast translation in thirteen languages with support for the inflected forms of words. Each language contains at least 50,000 base words plus the most commonly used inflections.
  • Memory Size - Our code is highly compact and efficient, refined by decades of improvements.
  • API Integration - Our API is flexible and easy to integrate, with standardized C libraries that easily adapt to many programming architectures.
  • Deployment - Our code supports desktop applications, enterprise systems, and web-based services of all kinds. It is portable to virtually all coding languages.
  • Languages - Supporting 13 world languages with more on the way.
Proximity Technology Word
Translation Technology allows streamlined translation of words
from one language to another.
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